Urban Coffee & Office was a branding campaign that I was asked to complete during my recent spring semester. We were given a fictional company and asked to come with a logo, style guides physical items and website mockup. Urban Coffee and Office is a co working space based out of Omaha Nebraska. It caters to young professionals and entrepreneurs.
Since this was a branding project I served as the art director as well as the designer for the entire project. Each week we presented early version of the brand and developed final version based on classmate and instructor feedback. 
Final Logo Signature
Final Logo
Color Pallette and Font Choice
Initially I had some more abstract versions of the logo that focused on different aspects of the business. I emphasized “urban”, “coffee” and “collaboration”, separately, which was one of the underlying themes of the business. I eventually settled on the final version, which incorporated and represented all three. 
Early Mock Up Of Logo
Early Logo Idea
Early Abstract Logo Version
During the final stages of the project we created physical items that would be sold in the store and would re-enforce the brand image. 
Window Signage
Messenger Bag
Coffee Mug
I ended up creating two possible versions of the website. The client wanted a simple clean look so I created a muted sophisticated flat website that features a white earlier version of the logo. Once the client agreed upon the final logo and color I re-created the flat website with the brand colors to create an exciting and engaging experience, that educated user about the  Urban Coffee and Office.
Home Page (Version 1)
About Page (Version 1)
Members Page (Version 1)
About Page (Version 1)
Thank you for exploring my branding project here on Behance! 
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