In school we were asked to create a Typeface Poster. The stipulations included: creating visual hierarchy within the poster. Showcasing the letters, numbers and symbols of the font. We were also asked to create a representation of the anatomy of the font itself and also showcase two other fonts that worked well with our chosen font. 
I wanted to create a poster that was able to fulfill all of the requirements of the project but that also felt clean and open. From the very beginning I explored various layout options. I wanted to ad a bit of finesse and originality to the poster so decided to create various sections of the poster that I could use to place the required pieces of information.
I came up with the idea to section the middle of the poster with a blue triangle. The proportions this section where based on the dimension on the vertex of the inner capital “A” if the font. I love feedback and I invite you to like, comment and share thanks. 
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